What to Wear When You Have Plus Size Feet?

What to Wear When You Have Plus Size Feet?

Plus size feet have special considerations when it comes to the right footwear that suits it. Although there is no limit on what type of footwear you could use, there are certain styles of footwear that are comfortable and flattering at the same time for big feet. Plus size feet need shoes that are more spacious for better comfort. If choosing the right footwear has been a challenge for you since the start, here are the certain type of footwear that are comfortable and flattering to wear.

Open-Toed Sandals

Open-toed sandals are very popular during the summer months. It gives good ventilation to your feet because of its open design. If you’re looking for the best sandals that would suit your feet, open-toed sandals are the perfect choice. It gives an illusion of a smaller feet because of the open-toe style. Always remember that when choosing sandals, look for ones with thicker straps so it covers more skin on your feet and making it look slimmer.


If you’re looking for wide fit comfort shoes for plus size feet, sneakers in the perfect option. The toe part is wide and spacious unlike other shoes types with tapered ends. Your feet will surely be comfortable and relaxed even for longer use. Since sneakers are flat, it provides good support for wider feet. If you opt for darker colours, your sneakers would create an impression of smaller feet, just like how dark coloured clothes have a slimming effect.

Square-Toe Pumps

If you’re going on a night out, you’ll need a chic footwear that looks beautiful and comfortable as well. Instead of regular high heels, opt for square-toed pumps instead. Square pumps have more space on the toe part which means it doesn’t constrict your toes while wearing them.

It also helps distribute the body weight properly all over your feet, keeping you comfortable with every step. Heels also add an illusion of angle on your feet, making it look smaller than it really is. If you’re not into very high heels, you could still wear heels that flatter your foot size even if it is just a few inches high.

Round-Toed Boots

For winter or autumn fashion, be fashionable with round-toed boots that are perfect for dressier outfits. Round-toed boots allow perfect fit even for wide feet. Aside from that, you could also choose different widths depending on which one fits your feet perfectly, especially when you buy on plus-size shoe shops. Since round-toe boots cover the whole foot, it makes your feet look small and sleek plus it just blends in seamlessly from the leg down to the foot itself.

If you have big feet, choosing the right shoe type and the perfect fit is always the key for better comfort and style. When you wear the right footwear that flatters your foot size, you can walk around with full confidence and comfort without being conscious about how your foot looks like.

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