Ways to Take Care of Your Shoes and Make Them Look Like New

Ways to Take Care of Your Shoes and Make Them Look Like New

As the saying goes, shoes make the man. No matter how stunning your outfit may be, if you’re wearing the wrong or unkempt pair of shoes, then your whole ensemble would flop. Shoes reflect the personality of the wearer – if it is well taken care of, it means that the owner is also good in caring for himself and others as well.

Commonly, we have several pairs of footwear that are used depending on occasions. However, if you have a special pair that gets worn on rare occasions, you should never let it sit in a corner unmoved. Be sure to care for all of your footwear whether you’re using them frequently or not.

Many people would love to have their shoes looking fresh and new even if they own it for some time already. If you’re curious on how to maintain the beauty of your shoes, here are some of the tips you should follow.

Keep Away from Moisture

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you might notice those small pouches that contain desiccants included in the box. Moisture is one great enemy of shoes since it encourages bacterial growth which causes the material to break down. Those tiny pouches keep your shoes dry in storage. If you don’t have desiccants, you could stuff your shoes with newspapers before storing them. Don’t forget to replace it in about a week to keep your shoes dry and durable.

Clean and Polish Regularly

Aside from moisture, dust and dirt is the next enemy of your shoes. The more dust that settles on the shoe material, the older and more worn it looks like. Be sure to clean your shoes regularly by wiping it with dry cloth and apply some polish to protect the material. This makes your shoe look shinier while also acts as a barrier that prevents the dust from setting in easily. For a complete shoe care kit Australia has one of the best shops for quality shoe care products.

Keep Away from Sunlight

Shoes that are exposed regularly to sunlight get worn out and damaged quickly. Sunlight stiffens the shoe material, making it more brittle and prone to crumbling as you wear it. When storing shoes, always keep them in a cool, dry place to increase their lifespan.

Brighten with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

As you wear your favourite shoe more often, its look gets duller and less appealing than when it was still new. However, you can still bring back that looking-new beauty of your shoe with a homemade cleaning formula. It is safe to be used for white shoes and even coloured ones.

Just mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and make a paste. Dip a toothbrush and slowly brush the paste on the shoe surface. It will instantly make your shoes look brighter and fresher after this treatment.

Proper care is important in making your shoes last long. Simply follow those steps above and see how it works wonders on your shoes.

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