Pairing the Right Jeans for Your Figure

Pairing the Right Jeans for Your Figure

Jeans are a wardrobe essential and they can be styled in so many different ways. You can wear them by dressing them up or down for so many different occasions. But when selecting jeans, you have to consider what looks good on your body and how your body type can help you select the perfect pair of jeans.

To understand which pants jeans are right for you, you need to get started on identifying your body type. If you have a pear figure, this means you are bigger at the bottom than the top. Your bust will be smaller than your thighs and hips. If you wear high waisted jeans, this can further highlight your lower body. So to create more balance, you can go for mid-rise jeans or cropped jeans. Just like how an oval face can pull off many hairstyles, an hourglass body shape can look good in any style of jeans. Skinny jeans will highlight your curves and create a sexy silhouette. High waisted jeans are also a good option. For curvy figures, you can select jeans that show off all the curves by going for skinny jeans that are high-waisted. You can also select mid-rise jeans. If you wear loose styles of jeans, it will actually make your figure look larger.

If you have long legs, they will look great wrapped in some beautiful denim. Try to avoid cropped jeans and go for jeans that go past your ankles. You can also try some ripped jeans or mom jeans to show off your legs. If you have a petite figure, you have to select a style of jeans that will not swamp your frame. You can wear skinny jeans, cropped or straight leg jeans. The trick is to show your figure without drowning it in bunches of fabric. Low and mid-rise jeans will also look good on your frame.

There are different types of jeans as well and you need to understand how to create a great outfit from them. Skinny jeans have been through the roller-coaster of popularity and it is still a style that can flatter a variety of body shapes. It can slim your legs and accentuate your curves. When you are wearing darker colours of skinny jeans, you need to go for lighter colours on the top. Loose white shirts can look effortless with skinny jeans. Cropped jeans have seen a rise in popularity and they can be paired with closed toe shoes and a casual top.

Ripped jeans are a popular streetwear item. They are distressed and ripped in strategic places to create an interesting outfit. When wearing ripped jeans, you can balance out the ruggedness of the jeans with a more detailed or polished piece of clothing on the top. You can also layer up to create an alluring outfit. If you are wearing a sleek blouse or sweater with jeans, you can have a blazer on top to complete it. You can dress it up further with the right accessories such as heels, sunglasses and an elegant clutch or handbag.