How to Take Care of Imitation Jewellery

How to Take Care of Imitation Jewellery

Imitation jewellery is the next best option after real gold or silver jewellery when it comes to upgrading your jewellery collection without breaking the bank. But the real question is, how do you take care of it without spending money on expensive products? Well, worry no more because we are here with a few tricks that you can follow to take care of your imitation jewellery.

#1 Keep Away From Perfumes:

The most important thing that you must remember at all times is that you should always keep your imitation jewellery away from perfumes and body sprays. The alcohol present in the perfumes can damage the jewellery items. They can also make the metal plating on the jewellery come off. It is better than you spray your perfume a few minutes before you put your jewellery on. Remind yourself to keep it away from hairsprays, deodorants, and face mists.

#2 Store in Separate Bags:

An imitation jewellery owner needs to store their jewellery items in separate bags. You can get your hands on several cotton or velvet pouches that can help store the jewellery in a dry and gentle way. Or, if you don’t have these small pouches, you can always store them vertically on hooks. Do not store more than one item in a single bag as they can get tangled and damage each other when you try to untangle them. No matter what the casing is like, keep them stored in a nice clean place to prevent any dust from settling on them.

#3 Use A Toothbrush For Cleaning:

If you see that your jewellery items collect dust or grime, then opt for a small toothbrush with comparatively soft bristles to clean it off from the small edges and corners. If you are not under a budget, you can use cleaning products specifically made for jewellery items and use a small amount to clean off the surface without damaging the metal plating. You can also use cotton buds to clean places that are hard to reach.

#4 Avoid Using Nail Polish Coats:

Most people believe that applying a coat of clear nail polish on your jewellery items can help you preserve their shine and protect them from getting damaged. Well, this is not the case. Nail polishes can damage the metal plating of your imitation jewellery. It also makes the metal lose its real shine in a matter of just a few days. Try to avoid applying any nail polish or protective coat on your imitation jewellery.

#5 Clean Them After Use:

When you are done wearing your imitation jewellery for the day, clean it with a fresh wipe, put it back in a container, a box, or hang them in your storage. Using the wipe will help you get rid of any dirt or sweat that could’ve been collected on the jewellery. We hope that these easy tips and tricks will help you take special care of your imitation Indian jewellery and help them last longer and get your money’s worth.


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