Gifts for A Friend Who Has Given Birth

Gifts for A Friend Who Has Given Birth

Giving birth to a baby not an easy feat. A mother who has given birth goes through a lot of new emotions. As a friend you would want to give your friend who has given birth something useful and thoughtful. Deciding on what to give can be a task because there are a lot out in the market that is not very needed by the mother.

Gift something to the mother

After giving birth the entire focus shifts on to the baby, Of course you have to receive the newborn to the world with love but you should not forget the mother who has gone through so much pain and is exhausted, time to adjust to the whole new environment can take time. She might not even look after herself properly. Curate a gift box with items like soothing body wash, bath bombs, body lotion and aromatic candle, which smells amazing and Is also therapeutic.

Make a meal

Gifts don’t always have to be material, a mother who has given birth is tired, new born tend to stay up late in the night and the sleep of mother is always disturbed. Amidst this, she wouldn’t be taking her meals properly or she would have to make meals on her own.

You going over there to cook meals for your friend is going to allow your friend to relax with her child and also enjoy a warm meal served. Another thing you can do is book a relaxing spa appointment for your friend and take the task of babysitting her baby so she can take the day off and pamper herself so she can feel refreshed and replenished.


Another option is to gift baby clothes, these make adorable gifts. You can shop online at and get a gift set with a small pair of shoes as well.

Diaper bag

This is one of the essentials for a mother who has given birth, you can gift only the bag or take a step further and fill the bag with the essentials, you can get to know the products they use and fill the bag with a travel friendly changing pad, diapers, diaper wipes, diaper rash ointment hand sanitizer bottle.

Baby products

The skin of babies is different and mothers are usually worried about washing their baby, do a little research buy products for the baby that are non-allergic and very safe on the skin of the baby. you can gift a baby bath set or an entire baby care set that contains moisturizing lotion and baby oil and others.

Photo album

For a mother every step a child takes are precious, they love to record all their movements, the mile stones; gifting a photo album is a very memorable and valuable gift where the parents can record their child’s milestone.


To capture the memories of child, a camera is the best gift. Gift this to the mother and she would love it.


A newborn is really curious gifting rattles or musical toys can be very entertaining for the baby.

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