Carpets for Life

Carpets for Life

How long have carpets been around? Who invented carpets? Did the first human own a carpet floor roll on it because it was so comfortable? Questions we might never be able to answer but, you are in luck because we can answer one big question and that is: why carpets are such an amazing choice for flooring? One would think that the era of carpet flooring is over but it’s going strong and we are going to tell you why that is far away from the truth.

Why Are Carpets So Sought After?

Let us get the obvious out of the way, beloved reader. Carpet floors look fabulous. They come in so many patterns and colors and shades and textures and thicknesses that are absolutely impossible to pick one. Regardless of where you have them, they will look stunning. The massive bonus of having such variety in carpets is them never going out of style. How can they? Just like clothes, the trends of carpets change and evolve. If not for the colors and patterns, then the feel! Carpets are the exact opposite of hardwood and for some people, the difference is too big, rigid floors can be a deal-breaker. Carpets on the other hand feel so much more comfortable and easier on your feet. You can never learn too much about a product before you buy so make sure you check out carpets Geelong.

Decorative benefits aside, carpets are also practical and functional. Who needs dust and little allergy time bombs floating around in your house? No one that is who. That is one big reason homeowners are switching to carpets. The health benefits are no snake oil, the fibers in carpets can actually trap these nasty contaminants and allergens. Goodbye, dust that is circulating in the house. Goodbye accidents, too (bet you didn’t see that one coming). Kids can never ever stay still, if you are someone with little devilish persons running around the house causing all kinds of chaos, consider carpets. The children will trip and slip less and even if they do, the fall will not be as bad as they would have been if it was wood.

Another reason you can’t go wrong with carpets is the easy maintenance, probably the least labor-intensive of all flooring types. Grab your vacuum, vacuum away, and it’s clean. Even if the benefit of maintenance was negligible, it is not so for large office spaces and such. On the same topic, offices can also save money owing to the fact that carpets insulate spaces very well. This means less energy consumptions for businesses. Once again, no immediate effect but in the long run, these changes will save you a lot of dollars. Funnily enough, cost savings is listed as a separate benefit of carpets.

Finally, we end up with how sustainable the use of carpets is, and we have 21st Century technology to that for that. Most carpets today are recyclable, avoiding the need for manufacturing and saving lots of energy. There will also be a significantly less carbon footprint that way.

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