4 Wardrobe Essentials for Men

4 Wardrobe Essentials for Men

We constantly talk about women’s fashion trends, style hacks, wardrobe essentials and how to accessorize our outfits. However, while we have been so focused on women’s wear the men have really caught up in sense of fashion. The internet is thriving on men’s fashion such as the new in trends, how to dress a causal shirt and what to wear where.

So, jumping on the bandwagon we wanted to take a dive into a man’s wardrobe and see what exactly they, should have and style hacks they could possibly get with. The lines between women’s and men’s clothing are getting blurry if a woman can pull off a crop top, why can’t a guy? Harry Styles wears a dress and looks amazing, doesn’t he? So, what can the average guy who may not live the fashion life use to make improvements to his wardrobe?

Shirts that fit

This seems obvious because why would you wear something that doesn’t fit you right? Men wear a range of shirts, from the casual t-shirt, short sleeved shirt, dress shirts, work wear, sportswear etc. depending on the occasion the fit of the shirt matters so much.

Ranging from slim fit, regular fit to baggy. If a man is wearing a suit it is mandatory for him to wear a shirt that hugs his body so that the coat sits well. His work wear shirt can be slightly baggy if he is an office environment that is casual but it can look tardy if not tucked in properly.

Classy outer wear

Jackets, jumpers and sweaters are common outer wear and it is of prime importance they look great. First impressions are everything and outer wear are one of the biggest contributors to a classy street style.

A denim jacket, leather jacket, cotton or winter jacket are some of the essentials every man should have. Even with this item of clothing the size, fit and cut should be considered. You can look casual yet classy. Men are almost as picky as women so a guy who really cares how he looks will not let any of those factors go without consideration.

A good pair of shoes

Just as much an outfit matters, shoes can say a lot. A classy cut, style and type of leather for a formal shoe say a lot about a man’s personality. For example, Italian made mens shoes can be expensive but it is a long-term investment. They last for ages and can be worn until the sole gives out. A dress shoe is an essential with preferably a pattern that fits any type of formal wear. Along with this of course his casual shoes, sneakers and everyday attire are other essentials to have.

Smell good always

This may not be a wardrobe but is just as equally important. There is something attractive about a man who smells good even at 7pm after a long day of work. Keeping perfume or deo in your bag or car are good habits to keep.

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