Why Urban Street Wear Is Becoming A Classic Fashion Trend

Why Urban Street Wear Is Becoming A Classic Fashion Trend

Street wear now is not just something defined as what you wear when you go out for errands. We usually thought street wear are clothes that we don’t get mind getting dirtied or clothes that are already outdated. Street wear staples such as cargo pants, trainers and hoodies are now considered to be classic relaxed dress codes that people choose to be their go-to choose for when they want to look put together but still comfortable. This is the reason why street wear is becoming a classic trend.

If you want your usual street wear to be considered a classic and high-end fashionable and trendy, check the below list of tips.

Choose luxurious fabrics

You could still be as dressed up as you want to be when you want to wear street wear that is comfortable. You only have to choose street wear made out of luxurious fabrics. Now, when you wear sweat pants, it’s not only for when you need to exercise or do some vigorous activities.

You could don a luxurious sweat pants but it would not make you look like a slob but still feel comfortable enough to wear the whole day even for a night out. Cashmere is also a luxurious yet comfortable fabric that is used for joggers. You could wear it for when you need to walk your dog but still would make you look good if and when you run into someone you know.

Stick to what works

Younger generation have been dressing up their street wear more and more. They look comfortable and spruced up at the same time that it’s natural to be inspired with the way they dress. But if you want your street wear to be some sort of your daily uniform, find what works for you and what does not. Of course, no one could tell you what to wear or that you should only wear street wear that is “age appropriate”.

Just choose the style that is more flattering to your body shape. When you dress street wear, it’s not supposed to be baggy. The fabrics should just feel loose and relaxed. There is a difference between loose and baggy and when it looks baggy on your body shape, your street wear would just look sloppy. Shop at lygon street clothing shops and you would have a wide variety of clothes to choose from since they provide clothes for all body shapes and sizes.

Dress up your footwear

At times no matter how we dress up, our footwear could ruin the whole outfit. This is the same with street wear. Even if you are wearing luxurious fabrics but you are wearing scruffy shoes or slippers, your street wear would not make you look classy and comfortable, you will look like you did not make any effort and just rolled out of bed.

At the end of the day, you really should be dressing for yourself. Don’t think too much about it and even if you are dressing for comfort, remember to always keep it situation and setting appropriate.

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