Types of Roof Windows

Types of Roof Windows

Roof windows are very versatile and they can add functional and aesthetic appeal to a building. There are many advancements in the design of roof windows and its technology which has led to the development of different types of windows.

You can enjoy a high level of versatility with dual action roof windows

These can actually be opened two ways. You can enjoy a top hung opening window using the bottom handle and this is a great way to enjoy unobstructed views of the sky. But you can also use background ventilation when the filtered vent flap is open and this will ensure ventilation even when the window is closed. This is a great way to control ventilation and airflow allowing you to optimise your window environment. You can also find skylight roof tiles that can easily be integrated into the roof system. You can enjoy natural light through this and it also has high weather resistance. These are generally made from durable materials like glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. These can also be openable or fixed so that you have an option to control the airflow into the building as well.

You can install flat roof skylights on low pitched roofs or flat roofs

These have a sleek modern design and they will generally be flush with the surface of the roof so that a minimalist aesthetic can be achieved. You can find flat roof skylights in many different configurations and styles so that you can actually customise this according to the space requirements of your home and its architectural style. You can bring in light into a space where you have a limited roof pitch with this roof window and it is also great for commercial spaces and offices.

Manual openable roof windows can be closed and opened manually and these will also have a vent flap for passive ventilation even when the window is closed. This way, fresh air will continuously enter the space allowing you to enjoy the indoor environment without compromising security. You can find this window in many styles such as top hung and centre pivot so that you can choose an operation method that you prefer. These are also quite cost-effective and you can reduce relying on mechanical ventilation systems as a result of this.

There are also fixed skylights where you will not be taking in ventilation

These will be sealed shut and you can use them in areas where you also receive ventilation from other sources. These can also be installed in stairwells and hallways. You can customise the size of the fixed skylight whether it is circular square, rectangular etc. so that it can suit the architectural design of your home. There are also electrical openable skylights where you can install a skylight that is equipped with a motor. You can use a remote or a smartphone app to control the skylight. You can have them installed in hard to reach areas so that you can effortlessly operate the window.