Tips to Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Wedding Day

Tips to Choose the Right Jewellery for Your Wedding Day

We all want our wedding outfit to be perfect. To make sure this happens; it is not just our wedding dress and shoes that have to be chosen right, but also jewellery. Your jewellery is what completes the outfit, adding the perfect glamour it needs for the day. Take a look at the tips below to see how you can choose the jewellery that is perfect for you to wear on your big day.

Match the Metals with the Colours

When it comes to deciding what metals to wear, you can start with the colour of your dress. A white gown will look perfect with silver or platinum. Gold will look better with ivory or other fabrics that have a yellowish hue. Beige and pink shades will look perfect with rose gold. If your dress has any detailing that is done with beads, metal or stones, try to match your jewellery metal and the jewellery stones with those details.

Do Not Overdo

While the wedding is your big day and a certain amount of overdressing is always expected, overdoing your jewellery can ruin the outfit. If you are wearing statement pieces, keep it simple with the rest. For example, a statement earring with a simple necklace. Match the necklaces with the neckline of your dress. High necklines always look better with earrings but no necklace. Low necklines are better accentuated with a necklace.

Be Careful with Colours

Too many statement pieces and colourful jewellery can take the attention away from your dress. So if you are choosing jewellery with stones in them, then make sure to stick to one or two colours of stones. If you are foregoing the traditional bridal look and adding a couple of dangling boho pieces, be sure to keep it minimal. Don’t let your colours clash with your dress.

Be Practical

There is no need to purchase a piece of jewellery that you will never wear again. As unique as you need to look on your wedding, if your plan is to shove your wedding jewellery inside a closet and never look at it after the wedding day, then it will be a waste of money. So instead, choose pieces that you can wear again. Choosing ones, you would wear in future will help you to find something that is truly your taste instead of impulse buying.

Comfort Matters

Try out the jewellery before you purchase them. If you are not comfortable with large pieces of jewellery then be especially careful with them. Wearing a tiara that feels too heavy for you is the last thing you need.  Take you time to browse and try on the collections. Check out this collection at Susan Shaw Texas jewelers to get an idea about the kind of jewellery you can choose from.

The right jewellery will make you look truly beautiful and helps to bring out the beasty of your dress as well. Be paint and careful when shopping so you will not make purchases you will regret later.

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